Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Yesterday I was inspired to take a dabble at pixelating.

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I came up with a character concept sketch in illustrator and then pixelled it with photoshop.

There is a crazy on Deviant Art for retro game character ID's

Bleuh Meuh Design

About my ID:

Bleuh - she is the kind, serious, yet well rounded and disciplined fighter,
shes equally offensive as defensive and she certainly is diplomatic about her fights,
but shell get the job done!!

Sickle + Bell = Beckle? Bicklle? Beklle? ... no better yet ... Bell + Scythe Bethlle .. Bellthe... Beythe. Hahah.

Bell ( Summons or can be used as a hammer. Bonk! ) cow ghost from the ribbons in her hair !! (her pet)

Sickle ( well goes with out saying... only when necessary!!)

If I could make her costume, I would totally wear it!! heheh.


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