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How Kawaii Can You Get For October 2009?

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Bringing you quality cute by connecting the lines to pure kawaii design! Kawaii Universe - Bleuh Meuh Design - Valentina Crespo

The Kawaii Universe - Bleuh Meuh Design Newsletter:

I'm so happy to welcome all the newbies we met at the Animation Supercon: A big hello to all of our fans. Every two weeks we will send you the latest news in Kawaii Universe along with highlights, events, features, new designs, Kawaii products and much more! The aim of the How Kawaii Can You Get?-Newsletter is to keep you in the Kawaii Universe loop and to help you Kawaii-fi your world!

Designer's Note:

...Hi, everyone, it's Valentina. I'm so excited to have you as a part of the Kawaii Universe. It was a totally fun experience meeting many of you at the Animation Supercon. For those of you new to my design line Kawaii Universe/Bleuh Meuh design, I am a digital pop-artist specializing in original, colorful, SEASONAL! and whimsical vector design and illustration. My personal motto is: Kawaii designs that are infinitely curious, equally as inventive and perfectly capable. What does this mean for you? I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality kawaii designs and products ever! 2008/2009 were very exciting with more fun vinyls, events, exhibits, and developments to come. I'm here to share it all with you! ^_____-

How Kawaii Can You Get for the Month of October?

Table of Contents


˙Kawaii Universe to Display at Vid Game Con, Oct 23-25, 2009

Infinite Bits Convention - Miami FL 2009

Mark your kawaii calendars right away! In less then 8 days, Artist/Designer Valentina Crespo of Bleuh Meuh Design - Kawaii Universe will be displaying at the first annual video game convention Infinite Bits in Miami, FL, October 23-25, 2009 @ Miami Double Tree. She would love to see you there.

Valentina will be offering tons of super kawaii vinyl stickers - super removable - super reusable! New vinyl sticker designs will be introduced.

Also to be featured, her totally kawaii, totally tekki prize winning Nvidia vector design "Kawaii Speak Visual : Design Digital. The super-size, museum quality poster print of this prize-winning vector is perfect for the Vid Con!

Kawaii Speak Visual Design Digital Vector

"Infinite Bits is South Florida's first major video game convention. It's goal is to bring together gamers of all kinds for a weekend of guests, panels, videos, music, shopping, events, and most importantly... gaming." Infinite Bits Website. (Sounds like fun!!)

For directions and details visit the their website:

You can purchase tickets here:

If you are currently not in Miami for this Con, demand Kawaii Universe & Valentina to your City or send the names of conventions near you, we'd love to hear your suggestions! =)


˙It Was So Kawaii To See You At The Supercon, October 2-4 2009

On the first weekend of October 2009, Valentina Kawaii Universe displayed her designs at her first convention, the Miami FL Animation Supercon.
It was as successful as it was fun!

She personally introduced her new line of handmade Kawaii Vinyl Stickers featuring her kawaii creations selling over 100 vinyls to over 100 new homes! It was the perfect setting! Thanks to your support, she is now attending the Infinite Bits Video Convention! To learn more about her vinyls click here.

Visitors were surprised and happy to learn that Valentina is a Miami-based artist. Among her fans are fellow graphic artists, photographers, painters, writers and more! It was inspiring to meet and to talk to other local and visiting participants, and especially cute and fun to take pictures with character cosplays:

A special shout out to some of the awesome participants we met:

Wonderland Creations
(Whimsical creature crafts and plushies!)

Wasabi Anime
(Wasa?!? ...They know what's hot!)

(So Stylish!!)
(Oooo so SOURR!!! >___<)

Electric Lemonade
(Electrically Groovy Crafts!)

Tommy Castillo
(Awesome Mystical Concept Art & Illustration)

Click here for the full list of participants:

Supercon  Picture With Adventure Squid

Valentina Crespo - Robert Diamond Animation Supercon

:iconkowaretayume: :iconsoulvalkyrie: :iconxgodofdeathx: :iconmeltdowns: :iconcricketgg7: :iconcondition-none:

:iconadventure-squid: :iconmarcosarivera: :iconzerohart: :iconzoombeanie: :iconpsychoticturtle: :icontamtaminator:

For those of you who couldn't make it to the Supercon,
here's a photo of the Kawaii Universe Artist table display!
(Colorful, whimsical and a total standout!)

Kawaii Universe Animation SuperCon Artist Table 2009  - Valentina Crespo

Artist Table Display:

Several large poster prints

  1. "Kawaii California Sushi Roll and Tuna & Shrimp Nigiri" Poster.
  2. "Kawaii Frozen Desserts" Poster.
  • Her Fender electric guitar featuring the "Kawaii Ice Cream Sundae" vinyl skin.

  • Her computer decorated with a vinyl skin of the "Kawaii Ultimate Pizza Party" and running featured videos of her works. (Also running a demo of the Kawaii Strawberry Dress up Game.)

  • 40 PURE Vinyl Prints featuring a wide variety of her cute vector designs.

  • A vast array of the handmade vinyls created especially for the con with an emphasis on fall and Halloween! (Lots of cauldrons and skulls.)

  • Sample products and apparel display with catalog.

  • Handmade plushies of "Kawaii Ice Cream Sandwich" and "Kawaii Ichigo Christmas Cake" and much more!


˙Valentina and Twin Estefania to Headline FREC Star Gala 2009

Many of you may or may not know, Valentina and her twin Estefania perform rock pop music as EnV. Estefania writes the songs, the twins sing lead and Valentina plays on her Kawaii-fied electric guitar, which features her "Kawaii Ice Cream Sundae Design".

They will be headlining and performing at the prestigious FREC Star Gala in November 2009.

FREC is The Film, Recording and Entertainment Council (FREC) "the premier networking industry organization in South Florida, FREC’s Star Gala will honor many of the area's shining stars from all disciplines and feature a VIP reception for honorees, celebrities and the media."

For more information about FREC & The Star Gala Visit:

EnV - Estefania and Valentina Rock Pop Twins

Add EnV On Myspace
Download EnV on


˙CafePress picks Valentina's "Kawaii Halloween Star Pumpkin" from thousands of designs!

"Kawaii Halloween Star Pumpkin" is chosen and featured to hundreds of thousands of people in the CafePress' Marketplace for $9 SPECIAL TEES OF THE WEEK in the Kids & Babies section! (YEA!)

Cafepress Special Tee Shirt Market Place Feature -  Kawaii Halloween Star Pumpkin Valentina Crespo - Bleuh Meuh Design


˙Valentina Hits Celebrity & Entertainment Sites!

THE INSIDER: ...the hottest and most up to the minute celebrity news, photos galleries and videos. Get first dibs on exclusive interviews and features from The Insider's experts Lara Spencer and special guests. And make new friends who share your interest in all things pop culture!

BIZZOM ...the go-to guide for all the latest in celebrity gossip...Readers can indulge in on a variety of topics such fashion, music, film, game, gadgetry, and more... Bizzom is more than a entertainment site, it’s a voice...where people can truly be appreciated for all the hard effort and work that they do.

Graphic Designers To Keep An Eye On - The Insider - Kawaii Speak Visual Design Digital Vector - Bleuh Meuh Design Kawaii Universe

The Insider Graphic Designs To Keep an Eye On - Valentina Crespo  Bleuh Meuh Design Kawaii Universe


Graphic Designers To Keep An Eye On
Ladies and gents feast your eyes on some stunning work...

Kawaii Speak Visual : Design Digital

"This lively piece by Valentina C of Bleuh Meuh Designs was a first place finalist in the Vector Art Category. Bleuh Meuh Designs is most known for their lively and whimsical Kawaii characters. As a token of appreciation, Bleuh Meuh Designs wants you to bring their adorable work to your home. Valentina’s handmade items are available via Etsy."


˙Kawaii Handmade Vinyls?! Omg!

Kawaii Universe Etsy Shop - Kawaii Vinyl Cling Stickers - Valentina Crespo

There is still time to fill your Kawaii Universe this fall season, and the favie of holidays, Halloween, with irresistible, sweet, colorful vinyls.

So many of you have written asking "WHERE CAN I GET MORE OF YOUR KAWAII VINLYS?!"

Visit Kawaii Universe on Etsy! Over 50 designs with tons more to come. Choose from a variety of sizes and sets! Get them here: Handmade Kawaii Vinyls, Skins & Clings on Etsy.


Buy Handmade


Remember, they are super-reusable, super-removable & laminated for UV resistance, water resistance and they are scratch resistant!

Kawaii Universe - Etsy Shop Handmade Vinyls Clings Stickers  - Valentina Crespo

˙Kawaii-fi Your Halloween with products from Bleuh Meuh Design!

Bleuh Meuh Design Shop

Colorful products & apparel

There is still time to fill your Kawaii Universe for the fall season, and one of the favie holidays, Halloween, with irresistible, sweet, colorful with over 100 products to choose from.

The only challenge is choosing your favorite design. What the heck, collect them all.


Kawaii totes make GREAT Halloween Trick or Treat Bags!

Kawaii Halloween Trick or Treat Tote Bags

They're super sturdy, use them again and again.
Great for lots of candy and carrying all your stuff.

Kawaii Halloween Designs


˙Kawaii Poll

Click to Answer the Recent Kawaii Poll -

"What would you like me to create next ?


˙Kawaii Reader's Feedback

Coming Soon! =)

...We would love to share your feedback with our readers and fans in the next newsletter, so send us your comments!

Also, if you recently purchased any vinyls, products or apparel, we'd love to share your testimonials. - Send us your fan photos, too....


˙Donations and Support

Your donation, whatever size it is, will greatly help us in our Kawaii endeavors.
Currently one of our goals is to attend the bigger Cons. You can help us get there.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you
to all who have donated recently and in the past.
If you'd like to become a sponsor, feel free to contact us.


Kawaii Cornucopia - Valentina Crespo Bleuh Meuh Design

Thank so much for reading "How Kawaii Can You Get?",
cheers and wishing you a lovely fall season!

...Bringing you quality cute ...

...connecting the lines to pure kawaii design.

-Valentina Crespo

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