Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentina Nader Crespo Winner of 2008 Nvidia "Speak Visual™" Contest and Golden Pen Award for Vector Art

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Nader Crespo’s Winning Entry-Nvidia National Competition- Vector Art Category:

NVIDIA Speak Visual Contest Winners
The Official NVIDIA Contest
Nader Crespo Awarded International "2008 Golden Pen Award"
Vector Category : "Objects" - January 19th, 2009

Young, Miami Digital Pop Artist Valentina Nader Crespo wins NVIDIA National competition and the International Golden Pen Award in one of the largest, most powerful international online artist communities:

" has over 8 million members, over 62 million art submissions, receives over 80,000 submissions per day, with over 36 million visitors annually."

Valentina Nader Crespo Wins NVIDIA national competition "Speak Visual™" January 30, 2009 for the Vector Art

NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies and inventor of GPU, teams up with deviantART creating an artist competition challenging its artist community to explore the digital divide, and answer...What does it mean to Speak Visual™?"

NVIDIA judges were seeking artists who could create “awe-inspiring entries with visual impact...and all entries must incorporate "the claw", the abstract version of the NVIDIA logo.

Five winners from five art categories (Vector Art, Fractal Art, Digital Painting, 3-D Art, and Pixel Art) were selected from 50 semi-finalists by David Wright, Creative Director, NVIDIA and Fabio Costa, Creative Director, Cutwater, a creative agency out of San Francisco. The judges’ decision was based on Visual Impact (40%), Originality (20%), Technical Skill (20%) and the How does my art Speak Visual essay component (20%)

Her winning entry, a vector of an instrument she designed and devised that 'translates’ the octave of music to the spectrum of light and communicates the eight levels of human consciousness (intangible) through the visual light spectrum, which she has organized as a series of ascending light bulbs that feature the Nvidia claw as their inner filament applying the universal principles of geometry, an ascending classification modeled after the periodic table, and the Pythagoras theory of eight reducing the overall concepts to their purest, classic form: Speaking Visual; resulting in a sci-fi, futuristic, robotic, pop art setting.

As a winning finalist for her category Nader Crespo will receive $1,300 in American Express gift cards, a deviant ART Artist Bag and a one-year deviantART subscription.

Nader Crespo’s Winning Entry for Vector Art Category:

NVIDIA Speak Visual Contest Winners

The Official NVIDIA Contest

Nader Crespo Awarded "The Golden Pen Award ...the equivalent of the Oscar for the Vector Community. The Golden Pen Award will be presented annually by the deviantART Directors of the Vector Gallery to recognize excellence in the vector medium." -deviantARTcom.
There are awards for the following vector sub categories: Abstract, Animals, Objects, People and Vehicles

"If you browse the vector gallery any given week you are sure to come across one of Valentina's Kawaii pop vectors. Her dedication to her art really knows no bounds and it truly shows. Her style is unique and colorful and you can't help but find them adorable in their own right. The Golden Pen Award for the Object Vector gallery is awarded to Valentina Crespo. May she continue to amaze us with her cute Kawaii vectors."

deviantART Community Relations
Vector Art Gallery Director

Nader Crespo Awarded
International "2008 Golden Pen Award"
Vector Category : "Objects" - January 19th, 2009
2008 Golden Pen Award -

Valentina Nader Crespo/deviantART & Official Web site.
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Born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, Valentina Nader Crespo is a designer/ illustrator with a formal education in visual fine arts, product design, and illustration.(DASH ALUMNA) She is a self–taught and self-directed vector designer who specializes in colorful, seasonal and whimsical Kawaii Vector Pop Art (integrating elements of Japanese minimalism and 'cute'- a National Japanese fixation) with American rendering techniques creating her singular style.

Vector art is applying the digital medium that is based on mathematical equations and geometric primitives, such as points, lines, curves and shapes, or polygon(s) and the hi-resolution relationship that is kept between them. She brings spirit, yummy and cute to a variety of inanimate objects and takes vector pop art into a clean, bright light and perfection.

Nader Crespo is also known as Bleuh Meuh Design. The logo, a blue, ice cream cow, her first vector piece, propelled her online design entity and entrepreneurial venture: "Bleuh Meuh. " It came about as an inspiration/dedication to the loving memory of my great-grandmother, who deeply enjoyed my art, and like me, was extremely fond of cows, food, and nature."-Valentina Nader Crespo

Her Bleuh Meuh Design line offers her Kawaii vector creations in an extensive array of products & apparel. It is Kawaii art that is "Infinitely curious and equally as inventive…" -Bleuh Meuh Design.
Nader Crespo works strictly from her prolific imagination. She hand sketches a vector, a single design that stands alone. Further, she extrapolates from this “pure” object and ideates thematically related, complimentary kawaii designs, hence, creating a series of vector subjects. She continues propagating the images and proceeds to arrange them, step-by-step, into a Vector world ruled by massive proportions, a custom palette, perspective, depth, line, shape and form, and thereby creating a specific "cuteness" that magically comes together with a bang!

Her recent art exhibit Kawaii Revolution™ (her on going show concept) held on December 6-8, in the Miami Design District, was a fully sponsored Showcase of her Kawaii vector pop art featuring 40 12" X 18" sponsored, laminated vinyl poster prints ( Miami, Florida) and 2 Super sized 36" x 42" sponsored, laminated vinyl posters. (Premier Printing Miami, Florida).


- On deviantART Crespo over 100,400 page views and her art pieces have been viewed over 381,241 times.

- Overall, her deviations received 11,924 comments and were added to "deviants" favorites 30,350 times, while she commented 21,788 times.

- Her online presence has grossed over half a million page previews in the last year.

- Online her work has been view and enjoyed by over 138 countries world wide.

- Her art studio/gallery is located in the Miami Design District, FL.

For fan mail and inquires:


Valentina Crespo
P.O Box 141125
Coral Gables, FL 33114 -1125

Valentina Crespo
Pop Art Vector Designer
Cute Products & Apparel
Bleuh Meuh Design™
"Infinitely curious, equally as inventive and perfectly capable!"
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