Monday, October 5, 2009

Bleuh Meuh Design - Kawaii Universe - Artist Alley @ Animation Supercon 2009

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Kawaii Table at Supercon 2009 by =ValentinaCrespo on deviantART

Bleuh Meuh Design - Kawaii Universe - Artist Alley Display @ Animation Supercon 2009 Miami FL


Hey everyone, I know I was away for a while but,
this is what I was working on (to name a few) ahhh!!
I had a fun and overall successful busy weekend at the Animation Supercon! ^__________^

I'm very excited to have had my first experience at a con and also to have exhibited at the artist alley,I sold over 100 kawaii vinyls to over 100 new kawaii homes!!

Enjoy the photo of the Kawaii Universe - Bleuh Meuh Design display. I hope to exhibit at the many more Con to come.

The display featured:

Several large poster prints
  • -Kawaii California Sushi Roll and Tuna & Shrimp Nigiri
  • -Kawaii Frozen Desserts
-My guitar featuring the Kawaii Ice Cream Sundae vinyl skin I made for it.
-My computer decorated with a vinyl skin I made of Kawaii Revolution Ultimate Pizza Party and featured videos of my works. (Also had demo of the Kawaii Strawberry Dressup Game.)
-40 pure Vinyl Prints featuring a wide variety of my cute vector designs.
-A vast array of the handmade vinyls I offer- I made them right off the press for the show. (Lots of cauldrons and skulls.)
-Sample products and apparel display with catalog.
-The handmade plushes of Kawaii Ice Cream Sandwich and Kawaii Ichigo Christmas Cake
and much more.

Also I'm very happy I met a lot of the other cool local artists based here in Miami and Florida,
wonderful fans and I saw a great amount of creative Cosplayers, not to mention I made a bunch of awesome new friends!

Also if you have any recommendations for upcoming Anime, etc... Cons/Festivals/Open Exhibits in the US with artist alleys spaces still AVAILABLE?
I would love to attend, so please note me.

Who's know Kawaii Universe might be at city near you so Demand it!

Special thanks to:

Premier Printing for having sponsored the two large poster prints.
An-Image Advertising for having sponsored the 40 pure vinyl prints.


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