Thursday, January 15, 2009

Speak Visual Entry

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Speak Visual:Design Digital by =ValentinaCrespo on deviantART

Nvidia Speak Visual : Design Digital Contest Contest Entry
I chose the vector medium since it is truly the most versatile digital format, and it is currently my medium of choice.

In studying Nvidia, I was inspired by the heart of the business, which is developing circuitry on many levels and tapped my background as a product designer to devise an instrument that 'translates' the octave of music to the spectrum of light and communicates the eight levels of human consciousness (intangible) through the visual light spectrum now represented in a tangible pure form: Speaking visual. I have applied the universal principles of geometry, an ascending classification modeled after the periodic table, and the Pythagoras theory of eight, to organize the instrument, I've reduced the overall concepts to their purest form. The geometric and color principles result in a classic, sci-fi and robotic pop art setting.

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Valentina Crespo
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