Friday, July 17, 2009

Kawaii Universe Etsy Shop Now Opened!

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Just opened up Kawaii Universe Etsy Shop
and I'm getting in to the Etsy groove!!

I personally Invite you to browse around and
If you have an account I would love to have you as friend
so add me on Etsy!

Kawaii items in the future to come:
- Bookmarks
- Plushes
- Fabrics
and much more...

I plan to have over 300 designs available!

Kawaii Vinyl Clings now available -

After recently opening the Kawaii Universe Etsy Shop, I'm excited to announce that "Kawaii Rainbow Shaved Ice" was the first vinyl cling to get a new home!

Thank you very much to skookyspry jewelry for being my first customer, her clay trinkets and charms are too cute!! ---> Check them out at Skookyspry Jewelry
View Kawaii Rainbow Shaved Ice Deviation

Can you tell I'm vinyl vector obsessed?!? ;P

Experimenting and accumulating a kawaii vinyl cling sample stock pile. Are there any particular pieces in my gallery that would you like to see as vinyl , feel free to let me know.

Tried "Kawaii Ice Cream Sundae" as a several piece vinyl skin for my guitar. (Planning on changing it periodically.)

Busy away with so much cutting! I'll have to show you all the kawaiii vinyl skeletons next, enjoy! :giggle:.

Be sure to add me on Etsy and I'll add you back!

Kawaii items come:
- Bookmarks
- Plushes
- Fabrics
much and more...

Stay up to date by subscribing to my shop feed, feel free to tell your friends.

Thanks! =)


Kawaii Vinyl Cling Specs :

Available sizes:

  • X-Large (8.5 x 11 in)

  • Large(5.5 x 8 in)

  • Medium(

  • Small( 3.5 X 4 in)

  • X-Small ( 2 x 2.5 in)

  • Sizes are approximate and may vary by design.


    Personally printed on premium quality glossy white vinyl that can be used and reused to stick on almost any surface, cling features special non-residue ultimate sticking technology.

    Prefect for fun temporary wall art , window scenes, car decals, temp stickers, and more ...

    I also personally put each cling through an extra step of over lamination (applied and pressed hand) which provides waterproof and UV protection.


    -Full Color
    -Super Reusable
    -Super Removable
    -Interior and Exterior Use (resists temperatures)
    -UV ray/Fade proof
    -Sticks on almost any surface
    -Leaves no adhesive residue
    -Ultra low peel resistance/ long lasting stick
    -Fun to collect

    If fibers, grease or dust build up with use. You can easily rinse adhesive backing with cool water to rejuvenate stick.

    -Mounting instructions.
    -Certificate of Authenticity
    -Bleuh Meuh Design Promo Vinyl

    Payment Options
    I Accept all payments via Paypal.
    Paypal accepts all Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and check/debit cards.

    Note- All payment must clear and be received before shipment is to be mailed out.


    Valentina Crespo
    Kawaii Pop Art Vector Designer - Cute Products & Apparel
    Bleuh Meuh Design™
    "It's Kawaii Design that is infinitely curious, equally as inventive and perfectly capable!"
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