Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Childrens Book

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I'm currently working on a re-do of my children's book.

It is a Children's book in which I have written, illustrated, and created

I am aiming to create a mastered digital version in which it will involve a package with
animation and sound etc.

The rough draft is fully hand drawn completed and copywrited. ^___^

About my book :

My Children's book (which is completely vegetarian friendly) consists of illustrations of alliterations that coast through the English Alphabet.

Each letter scenario is a contextual quadratic verbal relationship through an animal character and its appropriated food, action, and adjective.

My intent is for this book is for it to be as whimsical as it is educational as it is verbally sophisticated.
(for appreciation from all audiences)

Example of the enhance- Digital redo

One of its characters concepts recieved a feature on deviant art.

Dailly Deviation Feature

Any ways... I have many things in the work I have yet to unlease...

I will keep you posted based my progression.

Stay tuned!

-Bleuh Meuh

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