Monday, September 15, 2008

Bleuh Meuh Design Website Revamp

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StumbleUpon redesign! (WS Version.)

Check out the new the layout of the Bleuh Meuh Design site and as you are seeing now the new layout of the BMD blog. =)

I've made some major updates and tweaks in hopes of making it more user friendly, so feel free to browse and enjoy!

A little about Bleuh Meuh Design :

If you are a fan of colorful high quality vector based designs involving cute food, seasonal subjects, and whimsical creatures. Bleuh Meuh Design offers an assortment of cute products and apparel for all ages. (Great for gifts.)

  • Tweaks and Optimization to the layout!
  • Faster loading speed!
  • Easier navigation with new sections!
  • Better cross browser compatibility. ( Although best if viewed with firefox.)
  • About Me - Read about Bleuh Meuh Design in multilingual Reading. (easy translation via google) and sign up to the BMD mail list.
  • Contact - Communicate with to directly and let me know your thoughts.
  • The Shop - Over 10,000 Products to choose from!
  • Forum
A fun look at the layouts -

Web Layout Before

Web Layout After

Sign the guestbook!

Thanks for your support, cheers to many kawaii and whimsical creations for the upcoming seasons.

Heres to the fall!


esencia said...

Hi Valentina! congratulations you did a very nice work with the design, very cute ^^

Meg Lim said...

welo, V~! I adore your pop art designs.. especially your cute food and tee designs! gluck and more projects to come!!

Erin Lee said...

Hey it's me Erin, your watcher from dA. Your blog and art look great over here as well.