Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kawaii Happy New Year 2009!

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- The Kawaii Universe 2 -

Bleuh Meuh Design

Hello everyone,

I'm wishing you all a very big kawaii cheer (at 12:00 A.M. U.S.EST & GMT -5) for your exciting start in 2009!

I'd love to share with you my newest piece...


A collective comp design, featuring all
my kawaii vector pieces of 2008. wooooooo!
(I'm so excited everything managed to come together perfectly, it took me all day.)

I've got very big plans for 2009, some of which includes:
  • Revamping my website and social profiles.
  • A 2008 for 2009 Table art book featuring my pop-art designs.
  • The Release of my Henry the Hamster Children's book.

and much more.

Also, one of my New Year resolutions
is to increase my kawaii creation power, 10 fold and I can't wait! lol. ;P
(I'd love to hear yours. Leave a comment!)

For now check out these close ups, new products
and enjoy the tweaks I've made to my blog.


Bleuh Meuh Design

Bleuh Meuh Design

Bleuh Meuh Design

Bleuh Meuh Design

"Kawaii Universe 2 Happy New Year 2009"

Bleuh Meuh Design Merch

"Kawaii Time Fly Merch"

Bleuh Meuh Design Merch

Wishing you all the best.


Valentina Crespo
Pop Art Vector Designer
Cute Products & Apparel
Bleuh Meuh Design™
"Infinitely curious, equally as inventive and perfectly capable!"
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Genie Sea said...

How fun! How colorful! How vivid!

Awesome plans for the New Year! May the be actualized and more! Happy New Year!

Sandocham said...

Awesome resolutions :) I plan to take at least one photo a day to tell my year in pictures, however random!

Jane said...

These are so playful! I love the citrus suns peeking beyond the mountains!

Blaise said...

I'll try to make a movie at least over 40 mins this year!

Koeryn said...

My resolution is simple: Get back in shape. ...And get a job, but yeah.

My plan: Sparring my brother, jogging, skating, etc!

Lisa said...

My resolution is to give up making resolutions and just do what makes me feel good!

PS- Thanks for the postcard, you're so sweet!

Happy New Year!!!

Coloraddiction said...

Your graphics are so cheerful, they make me happy. :) Every time I come by your blog I smile. So thank you!

Strawberry Anarchy said...

wow i love all your work and blog!! very cool!

Sandra said...

love your kawaii creations. :-)
my new year resolution is to make our kawaii shop bigger and popular